Welcome to Stony Ridge Observatory (SRO)

SRO was originally designed and built, and continues to be owned and operated by amateur astronomers. This observatory has served its members, science investigators, students and the public (through planned outreach programs) since its completion in 1963.

Our observatory is perched on a ridge above the 2000-foot deep Devil's Canyon, about 6 miles (9.7 km) north by north-east of the historic Mt. Wilson Observatory. Stony Ridge is located very near a site that had been considered for the location of George Ellery Hale's "new" 200-inch (5-m) telescope. That location was at "Horse Flats" described in this 1928 paper.

After a 45-minute drive along the Angeles Crest Highway north of Pasadena, California, the visitor arrives at Stony Ridge Observatory in the heart of the beautiful Angeles National Forest.

We invite you to browse our web site by starting with our History page, or by visiting our SRO Vistas Gallery to view some of our members' photographs of the Stony Ridge area.

Above: The telescope first arrives at its new mountain home.

Above: Photo of a bronze plaque mounted next to the entrance door of the Stony Ridge dome. The names are those of the original 15 founding members of Stony Ridge Observatory. An asteroid, (10168) Stony Ridge, was discovered at SRO in 1995 and named to honor these members. Another asteroid, (144633) Georgecarroll was discovered at SRO in 2004 and was named in tribute to the founder who designed, and was the principal builder of, the 30-inch (0.76-m) telescope at Stony Ridge Observatory.

Click here to see what these folks did for SRO.

Fall 2015 Observatory Status

Subsequent to the disastrous Station Fire in 2009, engineering work has continued to upgrade the drive system on the 30-inch (0.76-m) Carroll telescope. As of August 2015, this upgrade is nearing completion. Details are published on the Stony Ridge News page.

Stony Ridge Observatory is accessible to members and escorted guests only.

Future Open House events for invited guests are expected this year. For additional information and to put your name on the Open House invitation list please email The Stony Ridge Observatory.


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